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The Comal ISD Subfinder System

Substitute Compliance Instruction sheet 2013.

SubFinder phone number: 866-508-5409
Please note: The number that appears on your caller id when being called by SubFinder is 570-651-4588.

Access into Webconnect Subfinder:
User Name: last name only
Password: whole ss# without hyphens

Substitutes: Please add your email address to your Personal Information. There can only be one email address entered.

Substitutes need to arrive 30 minutes before school starting time. Report to school office for sign in.

Starting in the month of April and May, substitutes will get paid $10 more per day on Mondays and Fridays.

Full day and half day pay rates for Substitute pay and absences as follows:

4 hours or less is considered half day
4 hours or more is considered whole day

Upon arrival of a specific assignment at a campus, a substitute may be required to cover other classes during their conference periods. Let the secretary at the campus know before leaving the campus in case assistance is needed.

If there are any problems, call Sonia Hernandez at 830-221-2043 or email